Shades of Grey // Wallpaper

Grey is the new black, a classic and the utmost fashionable color these days.  I suppose that every blogger must blog about the color grey at some point.  For those those that know me well, it is a surprise that I have not talked about this cherished color yet.  For me, grey has arrived via the colors black and white, you mix them together and behold the color grey. These are just a few wallpapers that I am loving right now that embrace grey but also incorporate the beautiful contrast of black and white.


Calico Wallpaper located in Brooklyn has some amazing wallpapers and I am planning to use them in a project right now. This ombre would create a sexy vibe in any space.

I love the organic "rock or wood" quality that this wallpaper evokes.  Zak + Fox also prints this beautiful design on fabric.  My mind goes crazy with the endless ways to use this design.

Speaking of rock, Porter Teleo is rocking their wallpaper line.  I am wild about the painterly yet almost graffiti-like quality of this wallpaper.  It also comes in a grey and black that can be seen below.

I'll leave you with one last wallpaper from Porter Teleo.  The entire collection is fantastic.  Check it out.