Let the Sunshine In

As I always say, fashion and interior design go hand in hand.  Each winter and fall, I look forward to following the live coverage of runway shows and fashion bloggers.  As it has been such a cold and grey winter in New York, I love to see what everyone is wearing during New York Fashion Week.   I am especially inspired by the marigold / mustard color that I am seeing as it reminds me of the sunshine that we are so missing right now.  

Fashion Blogger, Courtney Trop from "Always Judging", wearing Tibi dress.

Zak and Fox's "Tail of Heaven" ombre linen 54" wide fabric panels in color "Zana".  Looks stunning as drapery.  www.zakandfox.com

As a huge fan of triangle patterned fabrics, rugs and wallpapers, I love these linen napkins with gold triangles by Caroline Z Hurley.  www.carolinezhurley.com  Her fabric is also sold by the yard at my favorite textile showroom, Studio Four.  www.studiofournyc.com


We love anything French!  Isabel Marant's baroque-inspired floral print.  www.barneys.com

Dienst + Dotter Antique Gallery

It is always a pleasure to receive the mailing from Dienst and Dotter, a high-end Scandinavian well-curated antique store filled with gorgeous things here in New York.  It is not a surprise that the package arrives with a wax seal, metallic letterhead, and details about each piece since the store is also impeccably designed.  I've had the pleasure of purchasing some beautiful pieces for clients in the past and always look forward to seeing what is new on the floor.

The mailing arrives in this envelope with a grey wax seal.

Beautiful cards with current antiques.  Some of my favorite things were a Swedish Bust of a Boy, an asymmetrical Swedish Sofa, a black and brass floor lamp, and a Swedish Art Deco Mirror.

Always an interesting mix of pieces at the store on Lafayette street.

Atelier Brancusi

Today's inspiration is taken from Brancusi's resurrected studio (circa 1920) outside the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  As he was known as a true pioneer in modernism, I am always amazed by the beauty of his studio along with the clean, geometrical lines of his work.  It is a great example of the balance of the use of materials and the art of placement.

Shades of Grey // Wallpaper

Grey is the new black, a classic and the utmost fashionable color these days.  I suppose that every blogger must blog about the color grey at some point.  For those those that know me well, it is a surprise that I have not talked about this cherished color yet.  For me, grey has arrived via the colors black and white, you mix them together and behold the color grey. These are just a few wallpapers that I am loving right now that embrace grey but also incorporate the beautiful contrast of black and white.


Calico Wallpaper located in Brooklyn has some amazing wallpapers and I am planning to use them in a project right now. This ombre would create a sexy vibe in any space. www.calicowallpaper.com

I love the organic "rock or wood" quality that this wallpaper evokes.  Zak + Fox also prints this beautiful design on fabric.  My mind goes crazy with the endless ways to use this design. www.zakandfox.com

Speaking of rock, Porter Teleo is rocking their wallpaper line.  I am wild about the painterly yet almost graffiti-like quality of this wallpaper.  It also comes in a grey and black that can be seen below. www.porterteleo.com

I'll leave you with one last wallpaper from Porter Teleo.  The entire collection is fantastic.  Check it out.  

The new Russ and Daughters fabulous Art Deco interior

In case some of you haven't selected a place for brunch yet this weekend, check out the new Russ and Daughters on the Lower East Side.  As I am very fond of adding an Art Deco element to my interiors, I appreciated the Art Deco inspired design of the space that felt very fresh yet filled with history.  The food was also amazing!  

I loved this Art Deco inspired wallpaper as seen in the women's bathroom.

The hallway to the restrooms is lined with whimsical artwork.  Apparently it takes months to master the art of slicing salmon as thin as they do it.

I still continue to have those "I love New York" moments after living here for 15 years.  This was definitely one of those moments as I enjoyed the overall experience while dining at this 100 year old New York institution.  I want to go back and try everything on the menu.  

Lulu Tatoos!

It's time for the weekend which means it is time to hit the beach for me.  I am just loving these gold La Femme tatoos from Lulu DK's website right now.  They look so great with a bikini on the beach!  Lulu DK was founded by Lulu DeKwiatkowski.  She has been designing beautiful fabrics for the interior design world for years.  As she grew up in the Hamptons, I feel her now lifestyle website is full of great items for that beachy style.  Check it out.  www.luludklifestyle.com

Gorgeous gold tatoos that look like jewelry!  

Lulu DK Paradiso Ocean pillow.

Fantastic abstract Lulu DK beach towels.

Hamptons Shopping

The Hamptons are full of great shops tucked away in neat little spots.  Beachy style for the home and fashion is one of my favorite aesthetics.  Here are a few of my favorite shops that range from Sag Harbor to Montauk.  

The store Bloom in Sag Harbor is located on Madison Street in a classic Hamptons style house. Mona, the owner, curates a beautiful collection each season.  She also features my favorite photographer, Michael Dweck, who captured some of the best photos on the East End.

Clic Gallery is very well known for their fantastic bookstore and gallery in the city.   It was founded by Christiane Celle who started one of my favorite destinations for Bohemian Chic clothes, Calypso.  Clic Gallery now has a general store outpost on Newtown Street in East Hampton which has a great, eclectic mix of items.  

Another favorite is Melet Mercantile in Montauk which is owned by Bob Melet, former head of vintage buying for Ralph Lauren.  He has a great selection of antiques and vintage clothing that works perfectly in his Montauk setting.

The Surf Lodge Hotel in Montauk has a great shop called The Surf Bazaar.  I absolutely love the colorful array of clothing and accessories.  Be sure to grab a drink at the hotel designed by Robert McKinley.

The interior of the Surf Lodge Hotel.

Chair Fetish

There are very few women that I know that do not have a shoe or handbag fetish.  In the world of design, I have a chair fetish.  Well, I also have a tray fetish but I will save that for another time. As summer is rolling in, I am attracted to all things colorful.  I've put together just a couple fun and colorful chairs that I've been admiring.

John Derian's antique shop in the East Village is a great destination for those who are looking for some Paris flea market scored items.  These chairs could inspire such a fun outdoor event with exciting table decor.  www.johnderian.com

One of my favorite chairs for a beach house is the infamous Windsor chair.  Serena and Lily has come out with a colorful array of this classic chair that could inspire a very playful kitchen.  www.serenaandlily.com

Another favorite of mine is the galvanized steel Marais chair which adds a little French industrial touch to the room.  These chairs were designed to grace the decks of the S.S. Normandie ocean liner so they are a great durable option for your space.  www.dwr.com

The Highline Hotel in Chelsea

Chelsea continues to become one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Manhattan. Architects like Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry and soon to be Zaha Hadid are just a few that are making their mark on the skyline.  Between the architecture, art galleries, and the Highline, Chelsea is full of inspiration for a designer like me.  I am particularly fond of the Highline Hotel as I frequently venture over to Intelligentsia Coffee for one of the best cups of coffee in the city.  The hotel has also become a hot venue for events like Fashion Week and the Department of Decoration's second gathering.  I love how this hotel caters to tourists but also to the neighborhood.

The Highline Hotel has done a beautiful job at turning this landmark building into a stylish boutique hotel.

I love the eclectic and inviting feel of the hotel which Roman and Williams consulted on.

As I am a huge fan of biking around town, I love these cool bikes parked outside for guests to use.  Of course, they are perfectly styled with the decor of the hotel!

You can grab coffee inside or they have this fully refurbished 1963 Citroen coffee truck parked out front where you can grab n go or stay and enjoy this chic outdoor cafe.

The Parrish Art Museum in the Hamptons

Last week I made a trip to the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill for a little inspiration.  I love to see the work of the past and present colony of artist's on Eastern Long Island as they have taken inspiration from the beautiful light and landscape that the east end brings.  It is an added bonus to take in the architecture of the museum that was designed by Swiss architects Heurzog and de Meuron too!

The museum is 34,000 square feet and looks endless as you pass it on Montauk Highway.  This image only shows half of it.

The current exhibit at the museum features the work of Jennifer Bartlett.  This triptych is titled 'Pool' and was completed in 1983.  I would love to see this somewhat traditional piece in a contemporary setting.

This photo also caught my eye.  The pop artist is hard at work in his Southampton studio in the 70's while his sons are lying in a sea of comic books. 

The halls of the museum while roaming from gallery to gallery.  

These light fixtures in the entrance and cafe are superb.  I am sure they were custom designed for the space because the scale is spot on.  I also think the architects designed these in a very economical and resourceful way.

As you exit the museum, grab a coffee and bite from The Art of Eating Cafe, and be sure to take in the beautiful countryside juxtaposed with this well designed structure.

ICFF: Black and Gold Trending

Yesterday I finally made it over to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.  I was especially happy to see a lot of black and gold trending throughout the show as this is my "go to" for my own personal style!  Here are a few of my favorite things.


Who doesn't want one of these hoses with gold nozzles hung on antlers on the side of their country or beach house?  I do!  You can also mix antlers colors with different hose colors too. These were just too much fun and brought a huge smile to my face.  www.gardenglory.se/en/


Atelier de Troupe presented some fun wall lights in black, white and gold.  I was loving the homage to one of my favorite French designers Jean Royere.  www.atelierdetroupe.com



DLV Designs, a design / build furniture company based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, had an interesting assortment of pieces.  I  was especially pleased to discover that this company was based in Red Hook as I am a huge fan.  www.dlvdesigns.com


Tom Dixon nailed it with these new floor and task lamps.  www.tomdixon.net


May is for Soirées

May is quite possibly one of the most beautiful months of the year.  It is also the perfect time of year to break out the cocktail dress and host a soirée.  One of my clients recently decided to host a cocktail party as a result of a recently completed room that we just finished.  As I also love to do floral arrangements, I made a trip to the floral district to purchase flowers for her event.  I love to create simple and understated arrangements by using gorgeous flowers that speak on their own.  


Dutch Flowers on 28th street is the best place to shop for flowers.  It is a treat to visit their shop.  www.dutchflowerline.com

After a fun trip to the floral district, I was off to the soirée with my bag of beautiful flowers.

White peonies add the perfect amount of understated elegance.

I placed cherry blossoms in this statue.  The color was perfect for the Rosé sipping occasion.




A touch of orange always adds the perfect amount of color.

Loving this fun green on the freshly painted gray cabinet.

My beautiful friend and client in her Entrance Hall on her Birthday!


The urban spring landscape and fabrics too.

This past weekend in New York was absolutely beautiful.  It was so refreshing to find hints of color all over the city.  The colors of the landscape seen in Union Square, the West Village, Gramercy Park and Chelsea were inspiration for pulling out some fabrics today.  

Chelsea tulips in full bloom.


I always love checking out the new collection from Pierre Frey as I do love all things French!  This artsy linen is so much fun that I am just dying to use it.   www.pierrefrey.com


Bright blue skies and pinky lavender blossoms.

I am in love with this design called "Esmeralda" from Tulu.  Tulu is this amazing textile company that is based in Istanbul, a city that I have had the opportunity to explore.  Check out many more of their gorgeous fabrics at Studio Four NYC.  www.studiofournyc.com

I’m not usually a fan of green but this building caught my eye with the beautiful green trees in front of it.  For some reason, it took me back to "Cherry Tree Lane" from my childhood.

Ferrick Mason does an amazing job at creating painterly fabrics.  Alex Mason, the fabric designer and artist, takes true inspiration from the landscape.   www.ferrickmason.com

Red Hooked

I recently made a trip to Red Hook, Brooklyn to finally check out the neighborhood. It is truly a special place with it’s very unique views of New York Harbor. It is the only place in New York City where you will get a full frontal view of the Statue of Liberty. 

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Off The Gold Cuff

As spring is taking it’s sweet time arriving in New York this year, at least the light is still changing which tells me that it is really spring.  Luckily, despite the lack of a temperature, I still find myself searching for spring fashion and design inspiration since they do go hand in hand.  I’ve noticed the addition of gold accents, such as brass bathroom fixtures, to some rather cool interiors.  It adds that classic yet chic factor just like a gold cuff does to that new spring outfit.

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